Herb Fest

Herb Fest is a free, annual event that we have held for over 20 years. We hold it on the third Saturday in June every year. The day is our way to share ideas about herbs with our customers. We have talks about ways to use herbs, cook with herbs, plant care for herbs given by both our HGV Crew and local community members. We have samples and demonstrations for all our customers to enjoy as well as a sale on all our herb plants. 

The 28th Annual Herb Fest was Saturday, June 17th, 2023
Check out recipes and documents below!

2023 Herb Fest

10:00am – "Asian Cooking with Ginger and Other Herbs" Amy Laxton from Crimson Café

Amy Laxton is the owner of Crimson Cafe in Rhinelander since 2019. Her true passion is Thai & Indian cuisine. Crimson Cafe's location on Davenport Street provides a beautiful spot to enjoy drinks, food and conversation in the true style of a cafe. The menu is filled with fresh and healthy takes on paninis, sandwiches and salads, as well as Asian inspired specials.

10:30am – "How to Make Herbal Goat Cheese" Brian Weber 

Brian Weber grew up on a farm and had to give up farming due to an injury. He has 35 years in the education field but is now working as a goat dairy farmer.

11:00am – "Mushroom Growing 101" with Lauren and Amanda from Hanson’s Garden Village

Amanda and Lauren are enthusiastic at-home mushroom growers and will be sharing information on how to get started growing your own mushrooms.

11:30am – "Herb of the Year and Other Hot Topics" Sue Hanson 

Sue Hanson, co-owner of Hanson's Garden Village, always brings a lively discussion to Herb Fest.

12:00pm – "Herbal Honeys and Beeswax Balms" Samantha Martinez 

Samantha Martinez was raised along the shores of a small lake in the northwoods of Wisconsin. She enjoys working with earth-based materials and creating things with her hands. Her educational background is in ethnobotany, art, and environmental studies. She has spent time working in seed conservation, on organic farms, with a tribal environmental health program and ecological restoration cooperative, in native plant nurseries and community gardens, and cultivating bioregional herbalism and traditional handcraft in a variety of educational settings. Sam feels a deep seated joy and purpose sharing skills and knowledge that support biodiversity and encourage culture, connection, and wellness.

12:30pm - "Herbal Antibiotics and Other Immune Boosters" Aimee Heavey

Naturalist, permaculture designer, craniosacral massage therapist, and herbalist Aimee Heavey brings her love of health and plant medicine to Herb Fest. Supported by education in environmental sciences and sustainability—and a deep reverence for all things wild—she explores the secrets of plant medicines beyond her formal trainings, which include an apprenticeship with Heartstone Herbal School and world-renowned herbalist 7Song. Aimee empowers people to live their best lives by “tending their own gardens” with nutrition, herbs, body work, and community and nature connection. In her spare time, you can find the (good) witch foraging barefoot through gardens and forests, creating music, practicing traditional skills, or giggling on a trampoline with Sammie. 

Food Sampling to Follow
Including Hanson's Scottish Highland Grassfed Beef

Let us know if you would like to be involved in sharing your talents and knowledge at our event!

The documents below are past information we have shared during our Herb Fest as well as many tried and true herbal recipes.

Document Date
Amy Laxton's Thai Ginger Chicken Salad Recipe Herb Fest 2023 06/20/2023
Herbal Honeys and Beeswax Balms by Samantha Martinez Herb Fest 2023 06/18/2023
Aimee Heavey Herb Fest Hand Out 2023 06/18/2023
Aimee Heavey Herbal Recipes Herb Fest 2023 06/18/2023
Lauren's Cupcake Recipe Herb Fest 2023 06/18/2023
Brian Weber Goat Cheese Recipe Herb Fest 2023 06/18/2023
Beth's Herb Fest Recipes 2023 06/18/2023
Carrot Soup Recipe with Ginger Herb Fest 2023 06/18/2023
Herb Fest 2022 Recipes - Buffy Miller Jackson 06/20/2022
2022 Herbal Recipes 06/20/2022
2021 Herb Fest Recipes 06/24/2021
Aquaponics Basics By Taylor Remington 06/21/2021
Herb Fest Recipes 2019 06/15/2019
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Lyndon's Herbal Cocktails 2018 06/19/2018
Diane Burns Herb Fest Recipes 2017 07/01/2017
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Lemony Lovage Pesto Recipe 2016 06/21/2016
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Diane Burns Appetizing Edible Flower Recipes 2016 06/16/2016
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Teresa Burns - Sure to Please Herbal Teas 06/24/2015
Apricot and Mint Salsa Recipe 06/23/2015
2015 Herb of the Year: Savory - Sue's Savory Recipes 06/22/2015
Diane Burns Herb Fest 2015 Edible Flowers Handout 06/20/2015
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10 Commandments of Edible Flowers and List of Edible Flowers 06/17/2015
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Harvesting and Preserving Herbs 03/21/2008

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