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Hanson's Token Promotion

During the month of May, for every $100 spent you will receive a $5 token good towards purchases at a later date. The redemption period for 2024 will begin on Saturday, June 15th - Herb Fest - through the end of October. They never expire and tokens collected from previous years can also be redeemed starting June 15th, 2024.

Receiving Tokens:
Tokens are given for in-store retail purchases. Tokens are not given for class/workshop fees, held orders, landscape services, consultation and design charges, delivery charges and any other applicable services. Tokens are not given for gift certificate purchases, however, certificates redeemed in May will receive tokens.

Redeeming Tokens:
Tokens will take $5 off your in-store purchases June 15th through our seasonal closing in October. If you have tokens from previous years those are redeemable too. You can use multiple tokens at a time. The $5 value must be used in total - no change will be given for sales under $5.

Our only stipulation in token redemption is that they can only be used as payment for products and not services. Tokens can not be used as payment for class/workshop fees, held orders, landscape services, consultation and design charges, delivery charges and any other applicable services.

Other restrictions may apply. No exceptions.

Bare Root Information
  • Dormant bare root plant material is a very successful, inexpensive way to plant, however it is only available during a short window in the spring. You must be ready to pick up your selections and plant them as soon as possible after you take charge of them. Planting can happen as soon as you can dig a hole in the ground.
  • The sales period for dormant bare root plants is only in the early spring. Pick up dates and in-store sales are determined by weather and may change due to spring conditions.
  • We recommend preordering for guaranteed availability. Payment by means of cash, credit card or local check is required at the time of order.
  • Plant availability is subject to prior sales, ability to hold stock dormant, and crop condition. Other bare root plant material not listed may be available for in-person shopping.
  • Items are of grade and true to type (as well as can be known). We select varieties that are best suited for our zone and growing conditions.
  • We have a lot of plant information available on our website - much more detailed than the short descriptions listed on this document.
  • Customer pick-up is required. Delivery by our truck within the region may be arranged for a separate fee and depends on a few factors like order size. We do not ship plants via mail services. 
Hanson's Garden Village's Bare Root Guarantee

Survivability of plants is GUARANTEED under the following conditions:
  • We are satisfied that prudent care was provided: planted in a timely manner, watered adequately, protected from damage, etc.
  • It can be demonstrated that a means of regular watering was available
  • The loss was not due to deer, rabbit, insects, acts of nature or similar damage beyond our control
  • The guarantee period includes the current growing season up to August 1st 
  • We do not guarantee any plant material over the winter due to weather conditions and extremes that are out of our control
The guarantee allows for, at your choice, one of the following remedies:
  • One time replacement with the same type of plant the following spring, if available.
  • Deduction of the bare root price paid off a similar potted tree or shrub.
Dead woody plants must be uprooted and returned to us before August 1st of the year planted, 
with original tag attached and presentation of a receipt. 
Wednesday, July 31st, 2024 is the last day Hanson's Garden Village will accept any bare root claims.


Recommendations for Planting Bare Root

Thank you for buying bare root trees and shrubs from Hanson's Garden Village, LLC. You have made a wise choice. A bare root selection offers affordability, ease of transport, and great selection. Follow the instructions carefully and look forward to enjoying your plants for years to come.
  • When not planted immediately, place plants in a cool, shady location and keep roots moist. We recommend planting them as soon as possible not to exceed two weeks of proper storage time.
  • Soak plants in water (may be augmented with a root stimulator) for a few hours or overnight before planting. Do not let roots dry out. Do not soak for more than 24 hours.
  • Dig a large enough hole so the roots of your specimen are not crowded. This would also be the time to mix in any compost or soil amendments, if needed, with the soil from the hole. Trim damaged roots, or roots that will not fit into the hole.
  • Create a small mound at the bottom of the hole. Place the plant on top of the mound and spread the roots out evenly. Adjust the depth of the hole if necessary. Look for a stain line on the stem to judge planting depth.
  • Back fill soil, perhaps adding a slow release fertilizer. Create a shallow basin around the stem, water and mulch. The root stimulator water used for soaking may be used to water the plant.
  • Check plants regularly for water and be patient as they adjust to their new location. Some plants take a while to leaf out. Water frequently at first.
  • A winter tree wrap is recommended to protect young trees from rodents and winter sun, put on in fall - remove in warm weather.

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