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Vitis - Grapes
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Grapes are self-fruitful.


Beta Grape (Vitis 'Beta') - Developed by the University of Minnesota, blue-black, excellent for juice or jelly, vigorous. Zones 3-8

Bluebell Grape (Vitis 'Bluebell') - Resembles 'Concord' in size and color but with more tender skin and greater hardiness, very good table quality, good substitute for 'Concord' in colder climates, ripens in early to mid September. Zones 4-8

Frontenac Grape (Vitis 'Frontenac') - A red wine grape, developed by the University of Minnesota, hardy to -30F and produces a very good quality juice for wine making, a vigorous grower, good disease resistance to downy and powdery mildew. Zones 4-8

Frontenac Gris Grape (Vitis 'Frontenac Gris') - A white form of 'Frontenac' from UMN, a coppery-peach colored grape with the aroma of peach and apricot, this muscat-typegrape is desirable for white wine making, fresh eating and desserts, excellent disease resistance. Zones 4-8

Marquette Grape (Vitis 'Marquette') - A red wine variety that combines cold hardiness (withstood temperatures as low as -36F) and disease resistance with excellent wine quality, open and orderly growth habit is highly desirable for efficient vineyard management, typically produces two clusters per shoot, eliminating need for cluster thinning, tasters noted an attractive, deep red color, with desirable aromas of cherry, black pepper and spice. Zones 4-8

Somerset Seedless Grape (Vitis 'Somerset Seedless') - A seedless table or juice grape with excellent flavor, vigorous, bears heavily small, tight clusters of small, deep red berries, earliest high quality seedless, berries are edible at pink stage in August, but are sweeter and more flavorful if left to ripen to full red. Zones 4-8

St. Theresa Grape (Vitis 'St Theresa Seedless') - Vigorous woody vine produces clusters of purple grapes which are mostly seedless. St Theresa is an early season table grape with excellent flavor that will tolerate alkaline soils and can be used for juice or jellies. Wonderfully graces an arbor to add ornamental value along with its fruit. Bred by Elmer Swenson of Wisconsin. Zones 4-8

Trollhaugen Grape (Vitis 'Trollhaugen') - Blue seedless grape with Zone 4 hardiness. Fruits are smaller in size, sweet, with a taste similar to concord grape. Grows moderately and fruit has a good storage life. Fruits ripen in early September. Zones 4-8

Valiant Grape (Vitis 'Valiant') - Hardy, matures early, a blue grape, attractive, well filled clusters average 4" in length, very productive, annual bearer, berries are round, up to 1/2" in
diameter, free of astringency, skin does not adhere to flesh. Zones 3-8

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